Album of the Week ~ Jan 1-7 2017

Featured Image Credit: TURNAWAYS 

My go to album this week is one by a band that I found on Twitter earlier last year.

Summer Love by Turnaways – this album has been on repeat for the past week (months, actually).

Their sound and energy are reminiscent of early Green Day and the whole album just won me over instantly. Summer Love features 10 great songs that are all very catchy and easy to fall in love with.

It is hard to pick a favourite song off the album as, in my opinion, they are all equally amazing, although if I had to pick a favourite this week it would definitely be track number 3 titled “11 to 9”.


1. California Wine
2. Zombie Queen
3. 11 to 9
4. Heading out West
5. Huntington Beach
6. Uncomfortable
7. Change of Scenery
8. Speed
9. Isabelle
10. Elmquist Ave.

Summer Love by Turnaways is on Spotify and Bandcamp so please listen and let me know what you think.

The guys are very active on FacebookTwitter and Instagram so if you are interested please follow them and give them some love.

I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do.

~ Amber


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