My Ever Changing Hair

I love anything to do with makeup, hair and beauty! In this post I will tell and show you a little bit about my ever changing hair.

I have always enjoyed having colourful hair, I used to bleach my own hair when I was about 14 and make it any colour I could. Over the years I have had all kinds of colours. I had red, pink, blue, orange, blonde, brown and black!

At the end of 2016 I told my hairdresser that I wanted to go a new, crazy colour after years of being a boring old brown. She was more than happy to help me lighten my hair and help me achieve my crazy hair goals.

Those goals were to have green hair and I achieved that thanks to my incredible hair dresser and her team.


The neon green was so beautiful but too bright for my partners liking so I toned it down a bit with a darker green and I was so happy with it.


I loved the green so much but my love for changing it up and having a new colour every two weeks won and so I coloured my hair blue.


After my blue adventure I decided my next colour would be purple. I have always wanted purple hair and I finally did it. The photo on the left shows my natural, frizzy curls. As frizzy as they are, I love them. The photo on the left I had curled my hair and the curls had dropped, giving it a wavy look.


My green, blue and purple hair was all achieved using Manic Panic hair colour on bleached hair. After the bleaching process I used deep conditioning treatments and coconut oil to bring back my natural curl and to make it soft again.


These two photos with the red / faded red are from 2015. These photos also show my natural curl/waves. As the years have gone on, my curls keep getting curlier.


This photo with my pink hair is from 2011! In 2011 I also played around with having blonde hair, then I coloured it pink and from the pink I went a gorgeous fire truck red.


At this stage my hair is a colourful mess! It is rainbow – not intentionally.
I am just extremely lazy and didn’t bother stripping colours out completely before putting a new colour on top. So this is the result. Excuse the messy, frizzy hair and the regrowth. 


I think my next hair colour will be a deep red again because out of all the colours I have had, red is my favourite.

If you have coloured hair, I’d love to see it! Leave a comment below and tell me what colour your hair is.

~ Amber.

The Wrong Number Texting Incident

This story and included images contain swearing and content that may be viewed as inappropriate.
Full names, phone numbers, work places and towns have been omitted to protect the privacy of the people involved.

I have been extremely slack lately with posting but as it is a quiet day at work I have decided to tell one of my favourite stories.

A little bit of back story: I run a small business selling ladies fashion. I bought the store in early 2016, it was an established business and had been operating for a number of years.
A few months after I took over, I received a letter from a debt collection agency which was addressed to the store itself, not myself or the previous owner. I opened the letter and I was shocked – it seemed that I had to pay a ridiculous amount of money for stock that was not mine.

I called the agency and they transferred me through to a lady, I will only refer to her has N from here on out. As I explained my situation to N, she assured me that it was not my debt to pay and that I would need to contact the previous owner or pass on her details to the agency. After hanging up the phone, feeling much better about things, I went on with my day.

I was waiting for customers to come in and just responding to emails – that’s when the first text message came through.

As you can see I received the first text (below) from N, which contained a funny image and the caption “It’s Satan”.

I was extremely confused as I did not know who this person was or why they were messaging me. I originally thought it may be a friend with a new number being funny.


Now I was even more confused but continued the conversation, although I must admit that I was a little bit scared. (See image below)

I asked N if she had contacted the previous owner regarding the collection notice – she obviously had NO IDEA what I was talking about. I still continued to reply, as did N.
The conversation made absolutely no sense to me but I was not going to stop replying.


So at this stage I figured we both knew who we were texting and that is was all good.

As you can see in the text, I explained that I had contacted the previous owner and N clearly had no idea who I was talking about. She also made me crave Thai food.

Now, as I said earlier, I was actually having mini panic attacks every time I got a message. I was messaging a friend with the screenshots, absolutely freaking out. I had no idea what to do or what to expect!

N asked when I was going out for a cigarette so I put my brave girl pants on, rolled my cigarette and went outside to see if she would actually turn up – mind you I knew that the company she worked for was no where near my small town in Victoria, her company was in NSW which is a good 10 – 12 hour drive away.



Now obviously N did not meet me for a cigarette because we were 1000km away from each other. I was safe, my panic attacks were stopping.

She continued to send me the strangest messages and I was still so very confused and, I must admit, a little hurt that she was going to tell “Juicy” to make my burger raw!


It turns out N had a very late night watching the Olympics and in her tired state, wrote down my mobile number and texted it thinking it was someone else.


In the end we finally worked out what went wrong and how/why she was messaging me!
We ended our conversation that day with a new friendship which is still going to this day.

N and I chat regularly and after what I like to refer to as “The Wrong Number Texting Incident” we exchanged more messages, she sent me baklava for my birthday which was a few days after the WNTI and our friendship has grown stronger with every hilarious text she sends me.

I do plan to go to NSW to meet my new friend in person and take up her offer of a burger – I just hope that she doesn’t tell Juicy to make it raw!


If you have enjoyed this story of how I met a wonderful new friend and if you would like to see some more of our funny texts or emails, leave a comment below.

~ Amber.

Album of the Week 8 – 15 Jan

Featured Image Credit: Album Wallpapers

I totally forgot (good one, idiot.) to post my album of the week on Friday so am posting late – sorry!

My album for the week of January 8 – 15 is… Insomniac by Green Day. Which also happens to be one of my favourite albums by one of my favourite bands.
By the way, I don’t mean to brag but… I FINALLY GET TO SEE THEM LIVE IN MAY!!!

It is no secret to anyone that knows me personally, or follows me on social media, that I LOVE Green Day. I have been a huge fan of Green Day for as long as I can remember and my love for Insomniac grows stronger every single time I listen to it.

Insomniac was released in October of 1995, it was their fourth studio album that features 14 incredible songs and to pick a favourite song from this album is way too hard so I will be listing my top 3.

Insomniac starts off with a bang with the song Armatage Shanks. Personally I think it is a great choice for the first track on the album, it is full of energy and relatable lyrics and the start to a very dark but amazing album.
I love this live version of AS from the VMA’s in 1994.

The eighth song on the album is Panic Song, it starts out with a phenomenal musical intro.
The lyrics in this song really spoke to me while I was going through a dark time in my life and they still do.

The last song on the album is one of my favourite songs – Walking Contradiction, not only is the song fun, the film clip is too.


1. Armatage Shanks
2. Brat
3. Stuck With Me
4. Geek Stink Breath
5. No Pride
6. Bab’s Uvula Who?
7. 86
8. Panic Song
9. Stuart and the Ave.
10. Brain Stew
11. Jaded
12. Westbound Sign
13. Tight Wad Hill
14. Walking Contradiction

Make sure you follow Green Day on SpotifyFacebookTwitter and Instagram to keep up to date.

If you haven’t heard this album before, please give it a listen and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it, I know I do!

~ Amber.

Minecraft for Xbox One

Featured Image Credit:

Minecraft is one of my favourite games to sit down and play after a long day.
I enjoy getting home, jumping in bed, putting my favourite music on and losing myself for hours in the wonderful world of Minecraft.

I am no Minecraft pro and I only play for fun. I have searched high and low for a seed that allows me to start my game near a village. While lurking Reddit for a decent seed last night, I finally found one thanks to Reddit user Rasta711. Link to the original post here.

Seed: 341859426

You start off just over the river from a village that contains a blacksmith. Not too far from the first village there is a comically small village and then another decent sized village a little further away, the third village does not have a blacksmith unfortunately. There is also a zombie spawner below one of the villages.

This is a very fun seed and I expect to get hours of fun out of it.

Let me know if this seed works for you and please let me know the coordinates of any cool things you discover. Have fun!

~ Amber.

Androgyny Velour Liquid Lipstick by Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Featured Image Credit: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

As you may already be able to tell, I am Jeffree Star obsessed. I love him and his cosmetics!
One of the first JSC lipstick shades I decided to buy was Androgyny. I couldn’t resist after seeing it on multiple skin tones and seeing how it just seemed to suit everyone. The darkish purple shade is just absolutely stunning, it is one of my all time favourites.

I love how easy this shade is to wear. You can wear it with a dark, smokey eye or even a beautiful natural, neutral look. It really is stunning any way you wear it!

As I currently have purple hair, I like to go purple crazy by pairing it with a semi-smokey purple eye look. In my opinion, it is gorgeous.

Below is the look I have created with the Beauty Killer palette and Androgyny Velour Liquid Lipstick by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. (Please excuse the dodgy photos)
***I am not a makeup artist, just a makeup enthusiast!***

The formula for Androgyny is absolutely wonderful, it is so creamy and applies really well to the lip when using the does foot applicator or a lip brush. It dries down really well and, for me personally, does not dry out my lips compared to other matte lipsticks that I have tried.

If you don’t have this gorgeous shade and want to purchase it, head on over to JSC!
For those of you, like myself, who do not live in the US – make sure you check this page to find an online retailer who stocks his amazing products.

Much love x

~ Amber.

Beauty Killer Palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Featured Image Credit: Warpaint and Unicorns 

My current beauty obsession is my brand new Beauty Killer Palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

I was originally introduced to his products by a friend and I instantly fell in love so I obviously had to buy three of his Velour Liquid Lipsticks and a Skin Frost. I have been a fan of Jeffree for a while now and I love watching him on YouTube.

Since purchasing my first four products I decided that I needed more.
This week I received two more Velour Lipstick shades and my Beauty Killer Palette – it’s safe to say I am IN LOVE.

Here is a photo of my current JSC collection. This is just the beginning, I have so many more products in my wish list.


Skin Frost in Peach Goddess
Beauty Killer Palette: L-R Top Row: Star Power, Princess, Violence, Rich Bitch, Courtney
L-R Bottom: Expensive, Confession, Vanity, China White, Black Rainbow
Velour Lipsticks L-R Top: Watermelon Soda, Rose Matter, Designer Blood.
Lipsticks L-R Bottom: Posh Spice, Androgyny and Masochist.

Here is a short video of a look I created using the palette and Designer Blood on my lips.

The Beauty Killer Palette is so pigmented and the shades are to die for – I have had so much fun creating different looks with it. It truly is a must have for all JStar and Makeup lovers!

To purchase Jeffree Star Cosmetics you can visit his website – for all of you that do not live in the United States, there are links to his trusted re-sellers on his site. As an Australian, I usually purchase from here. Please, please, please!!! DO. NOT. BUY. FAKE. PRODUCTS.
You never know what is in them and there has been some really scary stories out there about fake products.

If you are a fan of JSC, leave a comment below and share with your Jeffree Star loving friends.

~ Amber.

Album of the Week ~ Jan 1-7 2017

Featured Image Credit: TURNAWAYS 

My go to album this week is one by a band that I found on Twitter earlier last year.

Summer Love by Turnaways – this album has been on repeat for the past week (months, actually).

Their sound and energy are reminiscent of early Green Day and the whole album just won me over instantly. Summer Love features 10 great songs that are all very catchy and easy to fall in love with.

It is hard to pick a favourite song off the album as, in my opinion, they are all equally amazing, although if I had to pick a favourite this week it would definitely be track number 3 titled “11 to 9”.


1. California Wine
2. Zombie Queen
3. 11 to 9
4. Heading out West
5. Huntington Beach
6. Uncomfortable
7. Change of Scenery
8. Speed
9. Isabelle
10. Elmquist Ave.

Summer Love by Turnaways is on Spotify and Bandcamp so please listen and let me know what you think.

The guys are very active on FacebookTwitter and Instagram so if you are interested please follow them and give them some love.

I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do.

~ Amber