Minecraft for Xbox One

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Minecraft is one of my favourite games to sit down and play after a long day.
I enjoy getting home, jumping in bed, putting my favourite music on and losing myself for hours in the wonderful world of Minecraft.

I am no Minecraft pro and I only play for fun. I have searched high and low for a seed that allows me to start my game near a village. While lurking Reddit for a decent seed last night, I finally found one thanks to Reddit user Rasta711. Link to the original post here.

Seed: 341859426

You start off just over the river from a village that contains a blacksmith. Not too far from the first village there is a comically small village and then another decent sized village a little further away, the third village does not have a blacksmith unfortunately. There is also a zombie spawner below one of the villages.

This is a very fun seed and I expect to get hours of fun out of it.

Let me know if this seed works for you and please let me know the coordinates of any cool things you discover. Have fun!

~ Amber.