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The Wrong Number Texting Incident

This story and included images contain swearing and content that may be viewed as inappropriate.
Full names, phone numbers, work places and towns have been omitted to protect the privacy of the people involved.

I have been extremely slack lately with posting but as it is a quiet day at work I have decided to tell one of my favourite stories.

A little bit of back story: I run a small business selling ladies fashion. I bought the store in early 2016, it was an established business and had been operating for a number of years.
A few months after I took over, I received a letter from a debt collection agency which was addressed to the store itself, not myself or the previous owner. I opened the letter and I was shocked – it seemed that I had to pay a ridiculous amount of money for stock that was not mine.

I called the agency and they transferred me through to a lady, I will only refer to her has N from here on out. As I explained my situation to N, she assured me that it was not my debt to pay and that I would need to contact the previous owner or pass on her details to the agency. After hanging up the phone, feeling much better about things, I went on with my day.

I was waiting for customers to come in and just responding to emails – that’s when the first text message came through.

As you can see I received the first text (below) from N, which contained a funny image and the caption “It’s Satan”.

I was extremely confused as I did not know who this person was or why they were messaging me. I originally thought it may be a friend with a new number being funny.


Now I was even more confused but continued the conversation, although I must admit that I was a little bit scared. (See image below)

I asked N if she had contacted the previous owner regarding the collection notice – she obviously had NO IDEA what I was talking about. I still continued to reply, as did N.
The conversation made absolutely no sense to me but I was not going to stop replying.


So at this stage I figured we both knew who we were texting and that is was all good.

As you can see in the text, I explained that I had contacted the previous owner and N clearly had no idea who I was talking about. She also made me crave Thai food.

Now, as I said earlier, I was actually having mini panic attacks every time I got a message. I was messaging a friend with the screenshots, absolutely freaking out. I had no idea what to do or what to expect!

N asked when I was going out for a cigarette so I put my brave girl pants on, rolled my cigarette and went outside to see if she would actually turn up – mind you I knew that the company she worked for was no where near my small town in Victoria, her company was in NSW which is a good 10 – 12 hour drive away.



Now obviously N did not meet me for a cigarette because we were 1000km away from each other. I was safe, my panic attacks were stopping.

She continued to send me the strangest messages and I was still so very confused and, I must admit, a little hurt that she was going to tell “Juicy” to make my burger raw!


It turns out N had a very late night watching the Olympics and in her tired state, wrote down my mobile number and texted it thinking it was someone else.


In the end we finally worked out what went wrong and how/why she was messaging me!
We ended our conversation that day with a new friendship which is still going to this day.

N and I chat regularly and after what I like to refer to as “The Wrong Number Texting Incident” we exchanged more messages, she sent me baklava for my birthday which was a few days after the WNTI and our friendship has grown stronger with every hilarious text she sends me.

I do plan to go to NSW to meet my new friend in person and take up her offer of a burger – I just hope that she doesn’t tell Juicy to make it raw!


If you have enjoyed this story of how I met a wonderful new friend and if you would like to see some more of our funny texts or emails, leave a comment below.

~ Amber.